The company specializes in customized retreats combining surf, sun, yoga and Spanish lessons. The brief was to create a brand that represents the balance of relaxation, physical activity, and mental stimulation.
I had the chance to experience one of the retreats first hand and spent time sketching on the beach, exploring Todos Santos and practicing yoga. Inspired by my retreat experience, I arrived on a solid concept fairly early on in the process. The logo is an abstract representation of surf boards, waves and yogis, which are arranged to look like a traditional Mexican tile.
RESULT:  The client received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers, brand equity has increased and Baja Beach Retreats is now a recognizable name and business in Baja Sur and surrounding areas.

CREDITS:  Lisa Temes – Collaborated on the design, as well as did the majority of the Information Architecture / Web Design & Development which you can view here.
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