Brand identity & web design for Riverfresh Wild BC Seafood.

Art Direction & Design: Jennifer Bourne
Messaging Strategy: Martina Ferreira & Jennifer Bourne
Web Design: Lisa Temes & Jennifer Bourne
Web Development: Lisa Temes

The brief was to rebrand Riverfresh Seafood as a First Nations owned and operated brand. Riverfresh is owned by the fisheries department of the SNTC (Shuswap Nation Tribal Council). The challenge was defining an identity that pays tribute to the land from which the product originates and more accurately represents the Secwepemc people.
Inspiration for the brand came from researching pictographic representations of fish found in the Kamloops and Shuswap Valleys. Pictographs were an early art form of the semi-nomadic Secwepemc. The hand-drawn forms of the fish retain slight imperfections to give the logo a more organic feel. Throughout the process, I worked closely with the SNTC and a panel of locals and elders to make sure the brand accurately represented the values of the council.​​​​​​​
The brand colour palette was inspired by the region. The coppery orange represents the only metal used in the Shuswap area prior to contact. The burnt red pays tribute to the ochre paint used traditionally for pictographs. And the blues were chosen as accents and represent water.
The goal of the website was to increase awareness of the company's recently launched food truck, in-store cafe, and catering services. We chose to design the site without the use of full-width images and to maintain lots of white space in order to give the site a boutique-like feel. We felt this was more in line with the brand and the homey feel of the brick and mortar store.​​​​​​​
With input from the SNTC, we developed a messaging platform based on origin, emotional, and temporal values. Riverfresh is tied to its place of origin and therefore we knew the messaging had to feel authentic to the Shuswap nation. The emotional draw of the brand would come from supporting a brand that is local, sustainable, wild, and First Nations owned and operated. We also used temporal values to invoke a feeling of trust in something that is tried, tested, and true.
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